Kivy Pie

Kivy on
Raspberry PI

Kivy is a Python framework for multitouch apps.
Developers can boot Kivy Pie to start working straight in!

Great work from Gabriel Pettier's article on image manipulation.
You can find this app in the mesh-manipulation directory.
Cool game called FlappyKivy, from Thomas Hobohm running Kivy.
You can find this app in the FlappyKivy directory.
Piki is a set of games from Mathieu Virbel presented during Pycon 2013.
You can find them in the piki directory. Use sudo bash to run the games.
You will need to adapt the GPIO pin in the code.
Niko Skrypnik's 3D rotation objects example.
You can find it in the kivy-3dpicking directory.
Kivy showcase is also packaged on Kivy Pie along with all other demos.
Unzip the file to unfold Kivy sources.